When I was back in New Zealand last year I was lucky enough to be treated to some fabulous food at some of NZ’s premier restaurants— Logan Brown, The Mattahorn, Martin Bosley.  While we were eating at Logan Brown (yes, I had the Abalone Ravioli and loved them!) we were served a dry spice dip with bread and olive oil.  I was so enamored of the dip and when I inquired about it, they gave me the recipe!  Score! 

Dukkah is an Egyptian nut and spice dip, and this one also has dried olives.  It is so scrumptious and I’ve been wanting now for the past year to make it; and finally I did.  And I am so glad I did.  My kids loved it (it’s very salty and quite intense) as did my friends. It also got me to experiment with a new spice blend for another recipe.

This began as Logan Brown’s recipe but I had to change it a little because I didn’t have any hazelnuts but I did have Filbert (hazelnut) oil.  So I roasted the almonds in the oil. Continue reading