Friends were often surprised at the foods and vegetables my children eat.

WHAT!?! Your kids eat that?! Wow! I can’t believe your kids eat that!

What makes me an expert is that I am the mother of three young children, who loves food and whose husband is a chef. Many people have commented on my ability to feed my children what their children wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot-pole. I figured if I could do it so could others… so I’m passing on some tips on how, interspersed with photos and recipes. Healthy foods for kids, kid-friendly recipes as well as quick & healthful meals.  And every once in a while I give some yummy cocktail recipes for the parents!

My kids are now 11, 8 & 6 years old (I started the blog in 2010 when they were 8, 5 and 3). My husband thankfully loves to cook when home.  I work from home in a completely unrelated industry but started working in restaurants in two countries for over 12 years as a bartender, waitress and manager.  In 1999 I got out of the restaurant business except helping out in one we co-owned and bartending here and there, but recently had to go back to it to make up where my husband’s loss of income left off.  My husband has taught me many tricks in the kitchen to make cooking easier- especially timing everything.  I like to experiment and create my own recipes too.

I am very interested in nutrition but I don’t always agree with the science that is taught; I think there’s more there than deconstructing the whole food into vitamins and minerals.  I think we need the whole and not just the parts. I take a more holistic approach.  Since I also care deeply about the environment, all of this combined makes me want to teach my children to eat well, enjoy food and to be conscious of the impact of what/how you eat.  That said, I want my kids to have a healthy attitude about eating, not to fear it or be obsessed about it.  I relax my standards when it’s necessary due to schedules or when we’re out with others/at a party/fair, etc. but try to keep to the healthiest menus at home.  Just try not to stress myself out. 

I think that others can also cook and provide good food for their children. I thought if I share my experiences she/he/they will see it’s not such a daunting task… especially all those vegetables!  Eating well at a young age has a huge impact for the rest of one’s life– healthwise and also socially. 

I hope to inspire not to preach. Let me know!  

And most of all enjoy!

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  1. Vanessa,
    Just found your blog – what a great idea! I hope to read more here to get some tips and ideas on more healthy and kid-friendly recipes. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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