Nut/Peanut-Free Snack Suggestions

Some have started already, my kids go back to school in about 10 days.  With it comes packing snacks and lunches.  Because of dangerous allergic reactions to nuts and peanuts, snacks in most classrooms must be nut/peanut-free. My son’s elementary school nurse sends nut-free snack suggestions, but I find them less than ideal healthwise. I’ve updated (slightly) my Nut-free Snack List for those who need suggestions on what to pack for healthful snacks.  Caution that some legumes (lentils, chickpeas, soybeans) can cause allergic reaction in some that are peanut allergic.  This list is not free of those. 

Find the list here>>>Nut Free Snacks

Favorite New Snack!

Favorite Snack!

I will also be going into the elementary school, with a few other volunteer parents, to help kids choose healthful foods at lunch– meaning grabbing as many fruits and vegetables as they’d like, and maybe even suggesting a few to try.   I find the first graders are often nervous about getting lunch from the cafeteria in the  first few weeks.  I try to make it smoother and less nerve-wracking for them, letting them they know what “comes with” their lunch. 

Fresh vegetables are easy to take with you.

Fresh vegetables are easy to pack up for snacks.

Maybe when the kids get back to school, I’ll get more time to blog.  We’ll see. 

New Snack Ideas- Oloves & DipIn

 I was recently sent some packs of Oloves brand olives and DipIn dips. 

Oloves & DipIn

Oloves & DipIn

While we were with friends and their children we broke out the different varieties to taste– 3 Oloves pitted green olive packs: “Tasty Mediterranean” (with basil and garlic), “Lemony Lover” (with lemon and garlic), “Hot Chilli Mama” (with habanero chillies {sic}) and 3 DipIn dips- Black Olive Tapenade, Pepper & Artichoke Brucschetta, and Classic Hummus.   Oloves come in little snack packs that are perfect to stick into lunch bags or to have as a quick, convenient snack. 

The boys (there were 5 boys six to twelve years old) and the parents (except my youngest son who refused to try the olives) liked all the Oloves.  I think the overall favorite was the Hot Chilli Mama which had just enough heat for most of us spice lovers and not too much for my spice-averse middle son.  The second favorite was the Lemony Lover.  The lemon gave the olives a pleasant hint of tartness but didn’t overpower them.  The packs are wonderful to toss into a child’s backpack.  IMG_4791 IMG_4790 Continue reading