I am Sam. Sam I am.

Tonight while reading Green Eggs & Ham to my youngest son (6 years old now) I realized I am Sam! No, really I am Sam, as in Sam I am of Green Eggs and Ham.  I am the one out there trying to get people (not just kids) to try things I’ve made or just to try something slightly different than they’re accustomed to.  I am the one thinking, you just need to be in the right situation, place, weather, darkness… to try the food.  If you notice at the end of the book Sam looks a bit dejected but thinks he’ll just try a different angle.  “You do not like them. So you say. Try them!  Try them!  And you may. Try them and you may, I say.” Other guy agrees. Then the long pause with the visual picture of the other, grouch guy (Knox from Knox in Socks?) eating it and he likes it!  (Maybe his name is Mikey.)  Anyway, I realized that’s me—SAM IS ME. 


I just want people to try things (mainly to eat) that they may never have had a chance or inclination to try before.  I enjoy so many foods and I don’t have very sophisticated palate, that if I like something, or my kids like something, then maybe you might like it too.  I think it’s because I really like to please.  No, I seriously want people to be happy, to have a good time.  I love to host parties and make food for people because I want to bring joy.  Probably some f’ed up stuff that stems from it but I seriously think the world would be a better place if we could enjoy life more, help others more and get the most out of it without wreaking havoc upon the earth or others.

Last week in my 3rd grader’s country tasting, I was so excited to bring to the class foods from New Zealand. So excited that I had to go beyond my limited budget to buy so many of the foods that brought with them so many memories.  And on the day, I had to eat the mince pies (DUB bakery in Brooklyn sent them and they weren’t cheap but so worth it!) even though I am trying to be on a gluten free diet.  I walked into my house after my husband had reheated them in our oven and was flooded with so many memories. This I wanted to share.  The foods I knew if they just gave them a chance, they might like.

Food can be powerful.  I didn’t want the kids, parents or any of my friends to miss out on such delicacies (well, not all are delicacies, but they’re most likely delicious).

When I come across those picky eaters I can’t just let it go. I feel the need to ask the parents (or it may be an adult) if they’ve tried this or that.  If their child might eat it in my house instead of theirs.  If they might eat it in a restaurant.  (or on a train or in the rain). I think I can change something to get them to just try it.  Try it and they may see.  They just might like it.

So I continue to be Sam I am.  Trying to get them all to just try it all.

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