Food Revolution Day

Today, May 17th is Food Revolution Day.   I signed up on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Site.  It’s a day to share what you know about eating healthily and cooking at home.  

For Food Revolution Day, I’m going in to my sons’ Elementary School to tell the kids about it and help them make healthy food choices.  I’ve gone in several times before and last year got the PTA to create a position called the Food Services Liaison.  The FSL is the point person between the parents and the School Food Services Provider/Director.  As the FSL I also coordinate other parent volunteers to go in at various days in the year to help educate the students as to what choices they have each lunch especially when it comes to the fruits and vegetables.

Today I’ll be going in with another mom to help persuade the kids to get a fruit or vegetable (or several) if they are just skipping past them.  We make sure they know that all those “offered” foods are available to them and they can take as many as they’d like as part of their paid/free lunch.   I may also try to dissuade them from buying the optional (and extra costing) snacks they offer them at the end of the line.  They’re usually empty calories and too many times they have ingredients that many parents would rather steer clear of.  If the children get plenty of the fruits and vegetables as well as the protein and carbs that are already on their plate, they should have enough food to keep them satisfied. 

Since we (almost always) cook at home, this is my way of helping others eat well and form a good foundation to a healthy life. 

Have you ever considered going into your child(ren)’s school cafeteria?  Have you discussed what foods they serve and how they serve them at school?  Does your school allow parents to volunteer in the cafeteria?  

Food Revolution Day

Food Revolution Day

2 thoughts on “Food Revolution Day

  1. I am a school nurse… I saw your post about the FSL. I work in several schools where nutrition is an issue (as well as exercise but I’m fighting that battle too). How did you create the FSL position? I’m interested in anything you can tell me!

    • I just created it… I started going into the cafeteria, asking questions, having lunch with my sons, asking other parents about their child’s lunch experience and reporting back to the PTA and eventually I asked if they’d like me to take on the role of “Food Service Liaison”. They jumped on it. Our school principal is very much on board. The lunch provider is not always happy I come in, because I notice things. The women that work there are lovely and are so accommodating; it’s the director who’s job it is to keep costs down yet stay within guidelines. The most important part is that our children are getting healthier foods. It’s still not where I’d like it/expect it/know it can actually get to, but it’s better than it used to be AND the kids take more fruits and vegetable than they used to. So if your school parents are interested, just ask PTA to create the role. Do you know any parent who seems more concerned/informed about healthy foods than others? He/she might be the person for the role.

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